What BlueStem Do

We offer a truly unique approach in comparison to traditional AdWords management agencies. Based upon your organisation’s requirements, we create a fully tailored campaign for you.

  • New to AdWords

    If you are not a current AdWords user, we work with you and help you setup your campaign from scratch and provide you with a unique analysis document which will enable you to effectively manage and grow your campaign.

  • Existing AdWords Users

    We carry out an extensive review of your account and compile a custom insights report. We discuss these insights with you, enabling you to take greater control of your future AdWords campaigns, eliminating the need for ongoing monthly management fees. We want you to become the expert!

About BlueStem

During my time working at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, I came across a lot of companies who were not generating the best return from their AdWords accounts.

They were unaware of how to analyse their AdWords accounts and make them as cost effective and impactful as they should be. It’s our goal to change this. To make every click count.

Ensuring those clicks are the lowest cost they can be and be confident those clicks are coming from the right people. That’s how BlueStem was born.

We’re a specialist Pay Per Click (PPC) consultancy agency who are looking out for your organisation.

Stephen Bury

Founder of BlueStem